Adobe Workshop - Auckland

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Sorry this is very late notice but has just been sent to me. There is no phone number on the notice so if anyone is interested in attending, pls fill in the online form and hopefully someone will get back to you today - don't contact me - I don't know any more than what is in the notice.

Philip Mirkin is running a two-day "Build Your Own Pizza Oven" Hybrid-Abode Workshop this weekend in Auckland (Titirangi). 
It starts at 10AM tomorrow 9 April.
Phillip built himself a house in New Zealand with these materials for approximately $2,000 just a few years ago.

"Hybrid Adobe is a low-cost, easy to build with, energy-efficient material made from local earth, used paper and a binder. You can use this strong,non-toxic material for dozens of applications including sleepouts, bush stairs, soundwalls, footpaths and privacy walls.
The Auckland Workshop will focus on building bush stairs and a pizza oven.
Participants will learn first-hand how these simple processes allow you to do the work yourself, saving energy and heaps of money while reusing the strong cellulose fibers from discarded paper.

Investment: $175, which includes gourmet lunches.  Concessions and koha positions are available."

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