EW Draft Annual Plan presentation Wednesday

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This Wednesday, 6th April

There will be a presentation from Environment Waikato staff, John Simmons and Katie Mayes  and Cnr Paula Southgate  in the Environment Centre on the 2011/2012 Draft Annual Plan.

As well as their core activities, Environment Waikato is looking to invest in new work streams, such as a regional carbon strategy and other ideas for activities which will "help the Waikato region to maximise the advantages of being part of the 'golden triangle' with Auckland and the Bay of Plenty"

So come along and hear what is planned so you are better informed when you put in your submission.

Submissions close 4pm on the 26th April.

There is a hard copy of the Draft Annual Plan in the Environment Centre if you want to have a look, or go to the EW website for the pdf or to view online.

Envirocare this month also covered the main issues and has a submission form in it.

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