Queen of the Sun - What are the bees telling us

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"Queen of the Sun", an award winning new documentary film with New Zealand footage, examines the plight of the Honeybee worldwide as they mysteriously succumb to so called "Colony Collapse Disorder".

As Bees pollinate more than 40% of our food, many fruits and vegetables could disappear. Horticulture and Agriculture would not exist as we know it. We rely on Bees for much of our dietary health and wellbeing and they have come to reply on us as we have manipulated their habitat, putting them at risk of disease and infestation.

Featuring Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva, Hugh Wilson from NZ, and many others.

There will be two showings of this movie next week in the Waikato.

Monday 18 April.

Union Church Hall, Stewart St, Raglan at 7.30pm

Tuesday 19th April, 7pm
Where : Te Awamutu Bible Chapel, Chapel Drive
Cost : Entry by donation

Sue Kedgley, Green MP, will be opening the screenings and will be briefly discussing the Greens new campaign to support Honeybee health in New Zealand by seeking to petition to :

* prohibit the import of honey and other bee products into New Zealand
* ban known Bee toxic insecticides

Members and supporters of other political parties are warmly welcomed. This is bigger than politics !!
Looking forward to seeing you there, and please invite your friends

For info re Te Awamutu screening:
Leanne Steel
07 872 4744

John Lawson
07 825 7866.

10 things you can do to help bees

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