Charities Commission Waikato Forum

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12 July 2011

Waikato’s Regional Forum for charities

Following the success of last years, forum the Waikato’s capacity builders network and The Charities Commission would like to invite you to this years forum. This forum has been created to celebrate the success of the sector, and will have facilitated discussions in the morning session, lead by representatives from Community Waikato.
The morning session entitled “Supporting the strength of the sector” will include some useful tips for your tool kit, such as:

• Profiling your charity – telling your story on how your charity makes a difference in the community

• Getting the best from people – how to effectively manage your most valuable resource. Best practice Human resource and knowledge from the sector will be shared during this session.

 There will also be one-hour ‘opt-in’ sessions in the afternoon covering:

• Annual Returns online – a practical session to help you file Returns online and on time

• Internal disputes – why do they happen and what you can do to prevent them?

• Governance – understanding how your Board can work better

We will also be launching the Open Data programme and our new Officer’s Kit.

For a copy of the programme click and to book your place click here

Invitations to the regional forums will be sent by email to the contact person for each registered charity. Bookings are essential.

Venue and time: 9am Central Hamilton Baptist Church, 33 Charlemont St, Hamilton

 Email any questions to or call 0508 242 748.


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