Cycle training

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Sunday 13th October

Want to become a bit more confident about riding on the roads? Here is a Free Cycle training opportunity supported by HCC -

FREE Novice On-Road Cycle Training for Adults

This practical on-road session is for adults who can comfortably ride a bike in off-road environments, but want to learn the basics for riding on quieter roads. In order to attend this workshop you need to be able to ride with one hand for at least 3 seconds (so you can signal turns), and also be comfortable with looking behind you while riding. The workshop will cover basic safety and road rules (conducted in the school playground), followed by on-road riding including how to pass a parked car, turning left and right at controlled and un-controlled intersections, and navigating single-lane roundabouts. The course will be held on quieter roads only. No traffic lights or heavily trafficked roads will be used.

Where:    Rototuna Primary School

When:     Sunday 13th October

Time:       9.30am – 2.30pm

Contact:  For more information or to register contact Julie Roe phone 021 799 377

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