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Green Drinks 23rd April

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This Friday Green Drinks is being hosted in the SITUATION ROOM, a 5-week experimental space, bringing together issues and solutions in our region and world. Different people are adding their knowledge and ideas to the space between 26 March – 1 May..

 23 April, Friday 5.30 – 7pm
The Situation Room, 391 Victoria St.

(Not far south from Ward St)

An Economy That Works

Rod Oram speaks on how NZ can catch up with leading countries in building an ecological economy. People are starting to talk about a ‘new economy’, one that could come from the combination of economic recession and environmental crisis. Could this be a huge opportunity for New Zealand? Do we have the innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders?

Rod Oram writes for the Sunday Star times and Good Magazine and is well known for his insightful commentary on the economy and environment.

His talk will be followed by ‘Green Drinks’, bring a bottle and have some informal discussions with Rod and others. Nibbles provided.

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