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International Film Festival coming soon

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21 August to 15th September.

For more information

Lots of interesting movies, including a variety for the environmentally minded:

Antarctica: A year on Ice

NZ 2013

Stunning time-lapse vistas of Antarctica and year-round life at McMurdo Station and Scott Base




Sat 24th August 12.45pm
Sun 25th August 11am
Tues 27th August 11am

Gardening with Soul

New Zealand 2013
A lively short documentary about Sister Loyola, one of the liveliest noonagenarians you could ever meet, and her commitment to nurturing all living things.



Fri 6th Sept 11am
Sat 7th Sept 1.15pm
Sun 8th Sept 3.30pm

Soul in the Sea

NZ 2013

Moving documentary explores the impact of Moko, a friendly dolphin" on the eastern coastal communities he frequented for six months before his death.



Sat 31 Aug 1.00pm


USA 2013

Buoyed by breathtaking testimony to orca life in the wild, Blackfish offers eloquent rebuttal of the seapark industry's show business cynicism built around their star attractions.



Fri 13 Sept 4pm
Sat 14Sept 2pm

 The Human Scale

Denmark 2012

A chaptered journey from Copenhagen through New York, LA, Chongqing, Siena, Melbourne, and Dhaka and Christchurch examining urban issues and challenges



Sun 1 Sept 11am
Tues 3 Sept 2.15pm

 All at Lido Cinema



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