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IPENZ Pickering Lecture 2008 Electric Cars

Posted 12 years, 4 months ago    2 comments


Please note the revised start time of 7.00 pm
Date: Thursday 18 September 2008
Time: Gather at 6.45 pm with the presentation programmed to start at 7.00 pm.
Venue: University of Waikato - "S" Block - and theatre S 1.04.
Access: Off Hillcrest Road in Hamilton, through Gate 8 or 9 and into the Science Block.
This event is open to all interested members, friends, family and the public.
Transport faces several challenges: carbon emissions; depletion of cheap oil reserves; increasing congestion; localised pollution and long term sustainability. Why not replace conventionally fuelled cars with cost competitive, comfortable, attractive, energy efficient battery electric vehicles (EVs)? Hear why battery electric cars have not been able to compete with petrol/diesel cars and how the problems might be overcome. Find out more about the Waikato University's UltraCommuter electric car project.
Presenter Dr Mike Duke, Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waikato
Mike is currently investigating the possibility of establishing a New Zealand based electric car company. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU0806/S00078.htm
Mike has been working with electric vehicles since 1995 when he founded and managed the South Bank University Solar Race Car Team in London.
Mike's team built three solar powered race cars and competed at events in Australia, USA, Japan, France and Germany.
Long Range Electric vehicles (UK)
The team researched the feasibility of long range electric vehicles and built and tested a prototype single seat electric car. Mad Dog World Challenge
The UltraCommuter Electric Car (NZ)
Mike has been at Waikato University since 2005 where he has established a student based electric car team which works in partnership with companies in Australia and New Zealand Students built the UltraCommuter electric car to investigate the feasibility of long range EVs and tested it in the 2007 World Solar Challenge.


12 years, 2 months ago
A most interesting lecture the covereage was superb and the key point driven to home in my mind was the extent to which batteries as a store for energy whilst not yet comparable with the space taken by petrol have moved significantly towards becoming practicable for wider transport use.

I await (I hope not in vain!) for publication of the speech and visual aids (picture and charts)used for the lecture: it would be valuable reference document.

If it has already been published a note of the URL would be nice.
John Maclaren. Kit Car builder. Cambridge
10 years, 2 months ago
Electric cars are the future of the auto industry and definitely the government needs to make amendments to the grants given by them to the automakers!

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