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Creating Healthy Homes Workshop.


Workshop Date: Thursday 18th December 9.00am – 12.30pm at Habitat for Humanity.

Facilitated Ian Mayes - Hamilton City Council - Eco Design Advisor

Are you interested in the health and wellbeing of your community?

Do you work directly with families or do you work with organisations that do?

When our homes are damp and cold they get expensive to heat and the people who live in them get sick more often. However, there are many tools for making a home dryer and warmer. Many of these are free or very cheap to implement. More often than not, the issue is about awareness of the problem(s), and then knowing what to do about it.

Come to our FREE workshop for some simple strategies and expert advice on how to incorporate effective ‘Healthy Homes’ messages and practices into your everyday work.

Book now to secure your place on these sought after workshops!!!

Please RSVP by 16th of December

To Ani Nock at: ani.nock@hcc.govt.nz.


Riverlea Environment Society

There are no more weekend working bees now until next February. But we are going to do some casual Weds evening ones from 5.30 - 6.30 (or people can stay later if they want). This will be for the next three Wednesdays or so.

For this Wednesday, please meet on the boardwalk by the lookout over the river.

No pressure to be there. Just if you want a bit of a nature dose and break from pre-Christmas stress. Nothing too strenuous.

Wear gloves and bring loppers or secateurs if you have them. We'll show everyone what to do if they are unsure.


Best wishes



Riverlea Environment Society Incorporated


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