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DOC-Waikato Community Conservation Fund Open for Applications

DOC's Waikato Community Conservation Fund is open.  Applications  must be in by 4.00pm on Friday , January 9, 2015     Information and application forms  (see attached) will also be on the DOC  website by the end of the week.  Let me know if you have any queries or need help with filling in the application form.   Cheers Moira

p 07846 5066

DOCDM-1505348 - WCCF application guideline 2014-1.doc

DOCDM-1495143 - WCCF application form 2014-1.doc



Tuesday 2 December 2014, 4.30pm
at the Waikato Environment Centre
242 Peachgrove Rd
Any apologies to Debbie at

Update On The Next Hamilton Organic Gardeners Meeting
The next meeting has now changed to Saturday 6th December at 2.30pm
at the Waikato Environment Centre, Five Cross Roads

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