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Low Cost  Living Christmas

Tuesday 25th November at the Western Community Centre

The annual Low Cost Living Christmas Expo will celebrate ten years at the Western Community Centre, with advice and ideas for people searching for ways to limit the financial burden of the upcoming Christmas season.

The expo will include food tasting with recipes, low cost gift ideas, party treats and decorations, as well as entertainment and spot prizes. Several local agencies will be represented, offering ideas on low-cost services they offer.

The Low Cost Christmas Expo is on Tuesday, 25 November, from 10am to 1pm. Entry to the expo is free and is held at the Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton.

More information please contact Ben 929 2710 or 021 315469


Waikato Timebank Social Event

Saturday 6th December at The Waikato Environment Centre, Five Crossroads : 11am to 2pm

Orientations will be run on the day for new members

More Information  please contact Ruth 07 839 4452


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