Fruit Tree Planting

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Volunteers wanted for

fruit tree planting in the community

 4th – 7th September (Tuesday to Friday)

The Western Community Centre has organised for fruit trees to be planted throughout 100 homes within the Nawton and Crawshaw community area. If you are interested come to the volunteer brief on  27th August, ( Monday) at the Western Community Centre.

Contact a volunteer co-ordinator - either:

Paula Hitchman –   or    

Laura Yates –


Free workshop

on "How to Plant Fruit Trees"

30th August. Thursday

9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm

Grandview Community Garden, 183 Grandview Road, Hamilton

The workshop includes, chosing fruit trees for different times of the year, choosing the right place sun, spacing, etc., planting techniques for different soils, using compost and mulch, staking, and more...

Contact details: Western Community Centre 07 8474873





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