Modular Permaculture Design Certificate 2012

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The Permaculture Design Certificate will run over 12 weekends throughout 2012 (each module beginning at 9am and finishing at 5pm), held at a variety of sites throughout the Waikato enabling participants to view different levels of permaculture in practice.

Participatants wishing to complete the Certificate must attend the first module of the course, but can complete the Certificate over 2 years and attend modules in other regions.

It is also possible to partake in chosen modules as a part-time participatant without receiving the Certificate.

Module fees:

$100 per module for beneficiaries, part-time workers and those completing the Certificate.

$120 per module for those in full employment, and participation in chosen modules without completing the Certificate.

Contact: Cheryl Nobel, Hamilton Permaculture Trust

07 834 2249, 021139 0935,

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