Royal Society of New Zealand Lecture

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7.30 pm Wednesday 7 March 2012

Waikato University, S block, Room S.G.01

"Ever green but seeing red? Deciphering the palette of New Zealand’s flora"

Speaker: Professor Kevin S. Gould (School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington)

The same pigments adorning dying leaves of deciduous trees are abundant in shoots and roots throughout NZ's flora, and have begun to yield intriguing scientific stories.  In some instances the pigments serve as visual signals that warn approaching herbivores that the plants are well defended. In others they effectively camouflage shoots against the background colours of the forest understory. Red pigments also appear to protect plants from the onslaught of numerous environmental stressors such as strong light, UVB, drought, and free radical attacks. This RSNZ lecture uses interactive digital technologies and involves audience participation to unravel these unique New Zealand stories.

Waikato University, S block, Room S.G.01 - Entry via Gate 1 on Knighton Road, Hamilton, or Gate 8 on Hillcrest Road, Hamilton. Waikato University campus map:



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