Regional Council Update

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Good afternoon Environment Centre members,

 On Thursday 14 March at 5pm, Waikato Regional Council will be presenting an Annual Update that incorporates:

· Progress with achieving our council’s vision “competing globally, caring locally”. This includes how we are delivering on the council’s three flagship goals to achieve this vision through our core activities to make the Waikato region the best place it can be and through working on projects with our local communities that we all care about.

· Draft Annual Plan highlights - topics for consultation and projected rate changes

· Regional Pest Management Plan - soon available for consultation

· Changes affecting the local government elections in October 2013

· Our approach to possible local government reform proposals

Members of ACRE (the Advisory Committee for the Waikato Regional Environment) will be attending the update also. Both Staff and Councillors of Waikato Regional Council will be present. The meeting will be held in the Waikato Room which is accessed off main reception in A block.

Please RSVP directly to Katherine Hay at

Parking plan and entry door: Please arrive in good time or let Katherine know if you are going to be late so you can be let in.

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