Resilient Communities - Future Living Conversation

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Resilient Communities - Future Living Conversation

7pm - 8.30 pm Thursday 26 November at the Environment Centre 242 Peachgrove Rd


How do you recognise a thriving, resilient community? The people within a thriving community feel cared for, acknowledged, and yearn to give back to their community There is a sense that the community becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Resilient communities are capable of bouncing back from adverse situations. They can do this by actively influencing and preparing for economic, social and environmental change.

Sounds good but how do we help create these types of communities? Come along to our conversation on Thursday and discuss how, with Clem from Waikato Time Bank, Chris Hattingh from Civil Defense, and Craig Taylor our local Community Constable.


Just RSVP Tania

And together let's encourage people focused communities.

P.S there is parking and an entrance at the back of the shop


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