Sustainable September / Job vacancy

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Scything Workshop with the Jolly Scythers

(Part of "Sustainable September")

Sunday, 23 September 2012.  8:30am to 1pm

At Te Mauri Tau

Learn the art of scything. Replace your noisy, smelly lawn mower.  Enjoy birdsongs, the smell of the grass, the satisfaction, and have fun. The cost is $65 ($30 can be applied to purchase of equipment).

Registration required ASAP

Contact: (07) 825 0480,

For other  Sustainable September Events go to:


Environmental Education Coordinator vacancy at Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre

If interested email or phone Hamish Hopkinson - Kaipatiki Project Manager for further information

"We are looking for someone passionate about the environment, living sustainably and conservation to drive our education programmes here at the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre.

This role is a fantastic opportunity for someone to make their mark on both the organisation and environmental education around the region. We are a confident and independent organisation with an exciting future, which includes the development of a new environment centre.

This role is responsible for overseeing and developing our education programme – from schools to community education to the actions in between to connect and facilitate greater environmental education within the sphere of our influence. Our programmes are, and will be, engaging, innovative, practical and professional




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