Te Whangai Nursery Autumn Sale

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Te Whagai is currently offering the following:

1) Free:  5000 Pittosporum crassifolium, or Karo, (older stock that needs to go). Bring your trailer and take as many as you would like. Karo is a small North Island coastal tree and is excellent for hedging, shelter belts and  as a coastal nurse plant. They are salt and wind tolerant. Pick up only.

2) Planting and Maintenance Special with minimum order of 200 plants.  We have the trees/grasses ready to go. Our team can plant the trees for you and also hand/spray release your trees in spring.  

3) Plant specials available including the PB3 Unit Price.

 Agathis australis     Kauri     $2.95.     Beautiful plants, 1m high.

  Arthropodium cirrhatum      Renga Lily     $2.50.  Beautiful plants, need to be planted out.

  Beilschmiedia tarairi       Taraire     $1.95.     Older plants, need to go to make room for new stock.

  Cordyline australis      Cabbage tree      $1.95.     Healthy Plants, need to go to make room for new stock.

  Corokia mangatangi     Korokio      $1.95.      Beautiful plants, 1m high.

  Cortaderia fulvida   Toe toe    $2.50.     Beautiful plants.

 Carex secta   Pukio    $2.50.      Beautiful plants.

 Carex Virgata   Swamp Sedge  $2.50.   Beautiful plants.

 Phormium cookianum   Wharariki/Mountain Green    $2.50

 Sophora microphylla   Kowhai    $1.95.     Large plants - need to be planted out.

The full price list is attached

Te Whangai Nursery also have a number of related services including,  developing planting plans, providing planting teams and maintenance works.

If you have any queries please contact John Walter.

Te Whangai Trust, Employment Assessment Centre

Native Plant Nursery

Charitable Trust

Phone. 09 232 7725

Cell ph. 021 952659

Facsimile. 09 232 7764


Te Whangai Trust Plant List - 2012.pdf

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