The 2016 EnviroExpo Prospectus is out!

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The 2016 EnviroExpo Prospectus is out!

Inviting, interesting, enlivening, with a real community feel - that's what people said about the 2015 Enviroexpo. And the 2016 Enviroexpo will be even better. Located alongside the Education Hub, with a scrummy cafe in between, the 2016 Enviroexpo will have a unique focus on promoting 'Future Living Skills', Biodiversity and the latest and greatest technologies available to help us live more lightly!


Contact Jan  if you would like a copy of the prospectus. 

Urban Design and Living Module: Permaculture Design

21 November 2015, 9am- 5pm

Join us for Module 11 of the Modular Permaculture Design Certificate and learn about healthy and sustainable living in cities and towns.
Tutor: Antoinette Van Der Weerden
During the day, we will be visiting an almost energy self sufficient home in hamilton, and thinking about local and regional self sufficiency, by making connections within a region. The module will address the following topics:
  • Healthy and sustainable living in cities and towns.
  • Community culture; education and values.
  • Suburban retrofit to reduce your ecological footprint.  
  • Engaging in local communities and councils.
  • Layout and integration of urban systems; public spaces, transport & circulation, housing, energy supplies & distribution, urban waste cycles, urban food production, storm water, waste water & potable water management.
Casual attendees are welcome to attend individual modules at a cost of $135. 
Contact: or telephone 07-839 445207-839 4452.
Venue: Waikato Environment Centre, 242 Peachgrove Rd, Hamilton, Hamilton.


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