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Whats Happening in The Environment Centre

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago    0 comments

Jeremy Shirley to  Help Dress Waikato Environment Centre

Local Artist Jeremy Shirley visited our Waikato Environment Centre shop and has agreed to work with us to help make our shop even more special.Donations gratefully accepted for this artwork project  …you only need to see Jeremys work to realise how special it is



.. . To start the Fund Raising for his artwork we have two donated  handmade teddy bears for sale .… Nana Stevens teddy bears now taking pride of place in the shop


New Product in Store: Soap Nuts A  Natural Laundry Detergent

A 100% natural environment friendly bio degradable and effective alternative to soap powder. Soap nuts can easily replace your normal detergent…oh and did we mention it’s a fruit that grows on trees!

SoapNuts are fruits that grow on trees. These fruits contain a natural substance called Saponin, which when dissolved in water, create mild suds. This soapy substance has detergent properties, easily replacing normal detergents. It works by removing dirt and dissolving oils from clothes and other surfaces.


Chicken & Worm Workshops Wednesday 11th March 7pm  (limited places)

This is the first of our 2015 workshop series and an introduction to both worm farms and looking after chickens. Further workshops for 2015 include Solar Power, Orchards in the Backyard, Bees, Make Cleaning Products ,Worm Poo Composters for Dogs

We have a lot of interest in these topics so hope you can attend. Please RSVP to Jan to secure a place at:  admin@envirocentre.org.nz or phone 839 4452 . A gold coin donation would be appreciated







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