Go Car Free for a day for Epilepsy

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Go car free for a day to support people with Epilepsy. Many people with uncontrolled epilepsy are unable to drive and this has a huge impact on their daily lives. By supporting this event, you are recognising those difficulties many people with epilepsy have.


Please choose a ‘car-free’ day from the 1st to 8th of November 2014 and enjoy doing one of many ‘car-free activities’, such as: taking a bus, cycling, walking, horse riding, skateboarding, roller blading, carpooling. The choice is yours to enjoy.


Show us how you enjoyed your car-free day by sending us a photo or selfie and posting it to: maria@ewct.org .nz. Your photos will appear on our “Go car-free with epilepsy” Facebook. www.ewct.org.nz


Any donations will be put aside to enable people with epilepsy to attend our annual day out trip.


Thank you for your support!


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