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Free DIY Workshop at Bunnings Te Rapa.

When: 2-3pm Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th July

Where: Bunnings Warehouse Te Rapa


Does this sound like you?

Is your home difficult to warm?

Do you have a high power bill?

Problems with dampness and condensation?

Want to spend less on heating?

Want to be more environmentally-friendly?

This workshop will give you sound advice to help you choose the most suitable DIY solution.

Its all free and will even save you money in the future.

This is too good to miss!

Just come along or if you need to know more contact Camilla or Tania on



See a group of artists that are using recycled cardboard to create Maori sculptures with children for the public to view. They aiming to mirror the traditional process (tree  carving) by returning the tree based products to artwork (carving  cardboard).

It's exciting to have a project that combines culture, recycling, art and educating the public available at no entry cost.

Jubilee Park Project on this Saturday, 9th July 2016.

When: 9am to 12pm

The Jubilee Care Group meet at the Migrant Centre car park area.

The red dot is where the group meets and the light blue dot shows the local bus stop.

The majority of the tasks we engage in are weeding, pest plant removals and planting New Zealand native trees.

For all the projects we carry out a ‘Health & Safety’ briefing with the volunteers on site before starting projects and an explanation of tasks for the day.

Most of the sites require the volunteers to have:

1. Suitable footwear (gumboots good as many sites are wet & muddy)

2. Raincoat during (Spring/Autumn etc.)

3. Sunhat & own sun block (skin cancer prevention)

4. Gardening gloves (I have some pairs, however pays to bring your own just in case)

5. Drink (water is good, i generally provide orange juice but good to bring your own)

6. Lunch or food (not provide so volunteers if working through need to bring their own food, projects usually require physical activity so they need to have something to sustain themselves)




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