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Save money, save the environment, and conquer distance and hills with ease with electric bikes.

More Mobility Hamilton’s Brian Parker recently allowed Waikato Environment Centre to test drive several of his electric bikes at our Green Christmas celebration – on a soggy December afternoon, on wet grass, we easily achieved powered speeds comparable to, say, a scooter in a busy traffic.

Electric bikes allow you to arrive at work feeling and smelling fresh having let the rechargeable battery ‘drive’ your trip. On the way home, leave the battery off for an exercise workout. And More Moblity’s electric bikes allow you to combine pedal power and battery, to zip around even faster both on and off road.

At around the same purchase cost as a good quality new pedal bike, More Moblity’s electric bikes win hands-down on low maintenance and running costs. A fully charged battery usually travels up to 50km and is easily recharged by being plugged into your normal household power supply – when used daily for trips around town, recharging normally takes less than 60 minutes (or can be done overnight). A driver’s licence is not required, making electric bikes perfect for younger family members or those who are unable or chose not to drive.

More Mobilty’s electric bikes offer:

• Power assisted cycling to help you go the distance, and climb hills easily

• Low running costs

• Faster travel through reduced congestion

• Work as little or as much as you want and arrive fresh at your destination

• Increase your fitness

• Clean, green mode of transport

• Sustainable – just charge and go

• Motorised, but still a bicycle - none of the costs of a car!

More Mobility Hamilton (corner Palmerston and Pembroke Streets, Hamilton). For more details visit: http://moremobilityhamilton.co.nz/electric-bikes/


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