Sustainable Sustenance on Sundays

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Book now for one or more of these great Sundays run by the Hamilton Permaculture Trust - numbers are limited so get in early!


A Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival Event
A series of interactive events around growing, gathering, preparing & eating food

20th February: FOOD UNPLUGGED

Sustainable Backyard Garden  10am.

Observe and partake in the preparation of food with an earth oven, solar cooker and a smoker.
Treats to make and taste will be Italian dough based pizzas, mozzarella cheese, smoked fish, home cured bacon, a foraged food salad, fair trade chocolate and fruit plus more.

27th February  - SUCCESS WITH EXCESS

Sustainable Backyard and Kitchen Gardens    10am

Ideas to use surplus summer produce with demonstrations and tasting.
Delights to experience are sourdough bread baked in an earth oven, fermented food, vegetable kebabs, salsa, pesto, foraged salad, quark


Te Parapara Garden  1pm.

Enjoy the ambience of korero over the hangi.
Experience the use of traditional hangi food and methods. Partake in the preparation of the umu along with weaving flax food baskets and talks on traditional food and preservation.

Booking essential with limited numbers.
$30 / person / event Adults only
Contact Hamilton Permaculture Trust
Ph. 07 834 2249



8 years, 5 months ago
Just to clarify is it a traditional samoan umu or maori hangi? while they are similar methods of an earth oven the food added can vary. Thanks and we look forward to joining at the events.
8 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for your comment.
It will be a maori hangi. Make sure you have booked with Cheryl at the Permaculture Trust if you are planning to go.

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