Solscape/Raglan Programmes 24th & 25th September

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At Wainui Road, overlooking Manu Bay

Sat. 24th September
Low Maintenance - High Productivity Gardening

10 - 4 workshop at Solscape. $60

 Thoughtful design and timely management of gardens can yield an

abundance of food with very little ongoing maintenance. The productive

and attractive vegetable gardens at Solscape Eco Retreat will be used

as an example of the successful application of a design/management

system developed over the last decade by organic farmer Nelson Lebo.

Some of these strategies were adopted at Rainbow Valley Farm - world

famous permaculture property - after this workshop was presented there

in 2010.

Sun. 25th September

The Principles and Practice of Eco-Thrifty Renovation

 10 - 4 workshop at Solscape. $60


Save energy. Save resources. Save money. This workshop describes and

explains the process of eco-thrifty renovation in two segments. The

first documents the highly successful eco-thrifty renovation of a

villa in Wanganui, and the second applies the eco-thrifty design

principles to a potential "do up" at Solscape Eco Retreat. The

workshop is designed to be highly practical by offering dozens of

examples of eco-thrifty strategies and potential strategies. For a

preview, see:



Pre-registration required.

Nelson Lebo

022 635 0868

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